Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Breakfast with the Kids

As an adult, I have never been a breakfast maker. I say maker because I LOVE to go out and have breakfast. To be served eggs, sausage, and pancakes at some un-godly hour of the day is luxurious beyond imagination. A treat that is usually only worthy when out of town.
As a parent, as with all aspects of life, things change. I now find myself wakened at 6:30-7:00 am by 2 hungry toddlers asking for eggs, wowa joes (that is Lolanese for cereal), and bacon. I pry myself out of bed, and with my kiddos go searching the fridge for new and exciting ways to fill their tummy with food.
I have found myself exploring nutritious ways to feed my family in the morning. My kids love eggs, boiled, scrambled, fried and poached, anyway I fix them they will devour them with out any regard to the usual finicky nature of toddlers. Eggs are easy, quick and can usually be fixed while the much-needed coffee is brewing. The problem is, I can't morally feed them eggs everyday. So, as I said before, I have stared exploring new things to feed them in the morning.
Pancakes! That’s the ticket! Right!? Wrong. They have no nutritional value, basically demoralized, flat, box birthday cake. Doused in sugary syrup and served half cold they serve no purpose for your digestion other then to distract it long enough to create an even more ravenous hunger pre-pancake.
Alas, I have discovered the Hodgson Mill brand of pancake mix. They sell whole wheat (the real kind), bulger wheat, flax pancakes, all with a wonderful taste that excites the very buds that get high on maple syrup. Plus the pancakes they create are hearty and filling. Add frozen blueberries, nuts, and applesauce anything your heart desires, and they are always good.
Just yesterday morning Moses ate 4, yes count them 1-2-3-4 pancakes. Mark could only stomach 3, and he had a slight tummy ache after that. We like to cover them with fresh strawberries and honey, a perfect substitute for syrup.
Having said all that, I come to the posted picture. I am a sucker for the kids. When my parents call on Saturday morning and say they are bringing dounuts and chocolate milk for the kids, I melt. I remember so fondly those days when my dad and mom would throw us in the car early Saturday morning and we would drive to Shipley’s and eat chocolate covered dounuts and chocolate milk till we were sick. Hannah loved the cinnamon twists, a dounut I have grown to love more then any other.
Lola loves dounuts, Moses does as well, but he has a more sophisticated pallet, Kolaches are his favorite.
As much as I want healthy kids, I want happy kids, so Mon-Fri feed your kids Bulger Wheat pancakes, but when Grandma and Grandpa call and want to bring over Shipley’s, say, "Bring it on!”

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Anonymous said...

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
I had granola with strawberries this morning but I sooooooo wanted a donut with my baby girl Lola.