Monday, January 28, 2013

Outrageously Easy Cacciatore Kale Soup

Hello! Happy New Year. (sort of new) I have recently posted a few pictures of my kids eating kale. This has created quite a stir among the mothers that cannot fathom their kids eating kale.

My favorite quote being, "I would shave all the hair off my head if my family ate kale."

This got me to thinking, why do Lola and Moses eat kale with no complaint?  I have a few ideas. 

  • I serve it often, usually mixed in a soup. It has such a mild flavor it picks up the spices well.
  • Their Dad LOVES kale. Really, really really loves it. He eats it raw.
  • They have to eat it for breakfast if they don't eat it for dinner. (kale for breakfast? Wicked gross.)

So this brings me to Common Problem #2. Fast and easy dinners that are healthy and good.  Every month I purchase a "ready made sauce" from the HEB On The Go. They are frightfully expensive, around $7.99, and it usually only serves my families bizarrely large appetite one meal. However, the chef that creates meals with  them is brilliant. The recipes they come up with are always fresh, almost always GF and never salty. Plus, all the hard work is done. I like to take a few ideas and then add some of my own to the mix. This is my special treat.

With this recipe I found that by adding a can of tomatoes and more chicken broth we can at least have leftovers for one more night. 

With this latest creation feel free to use any veggies your family loves. The first time I made this I threw in chopped zucchini and leftover wild mushroom soup. You can easily make this vegetarian by eliminating the sausage. The soup is delish, warm and bursting with flavor. 

Outrageously Easy Cacciatore Kale Soup.

1 Jar Cacciatore by Cookwell and Company
1 Can Cannolini Beans
1 Can fire roasted diced tomatoes
1-1 1/2 cup Chicken or Veggie broth
3 Links cooked Mild Italian Turkey Sausage, cut into rounds.  
1 head of Kale finely chopped. 
1 Cup cooked fusilli or penne pasta (we use gluten free)

1. Cook pasta as directed. 
2. Put first 6 ingredients in a pot and heat.
3. Add pasta last and serve. 

*for those of us spice lovers, red pepper flakes as a garnish is TO DIE!

The End. Your welcome. 

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