Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner. Always a Winner.

Why is it that kids are so obbessed with breakfast for dinner? It is like their realities are thrown so far off course, dinner becomes an adventure instead of a chore. I know the vast quantities of food the children are capable of eating on these nights. The funny thing is, they are, by far, the easiest dinner to prepare. I keep them guessing as to when BfD might happen, gotta keep the fun rollin on.

Everyone likes their eggs different so the menu, while diverse, is easy and produces smiles all a round.
2 boiled eggs - Moses
3 scrambled eggs - Lola
2 Fried eggs- Mark
2 Poached eggs over tomatoes, beans and corn tortillas - Mommy
Blue Berry, Oatmeal Pancakes - Everyone but me
Turkey Sausage Links - Family
Fruit - Family
Preps time
Blue Berry Oatmeal Pancake
She ate 3 eggs, 4 sausage links and two pancakes.
Usually his WORST time of day. All smiles and totally worth it.

Poor guys, looks tierd.

Smiley face katchup.

Doing the happy dance after dinner.

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