Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fried Plantains

Fried plantains are so incredibly yummy; I could eat them at every meal! If you must know, they are no diet food, but a perfect treat when eating a good Cuban meal. Truthfully, you could partake of these bad boys with any meal of Latin flavor.

Fried plantains do not require much as far as a recipe goes. Plantains look like large bananas. They are best when the skin is almost totally black, but if you forget to buy them a few days early and you simply must cook under ripe plantains, coat them in sugar before you put them on the pan. When cooking, monitor them constantly. They do not take long to cook. If left unattended, they will burn quickly.

They are suited for cooking as an appetizer or serving with dinner. If you do plan on serving them before dinner, make sure and cook more then you could possible imagine people could eat, believe me when I say, your guests will devour them. I have only done this once or twice, because they do require so much care, I only take the time to make two or three plantains to serve as a small side dish. Make sure you do not crowd the pan, give each piece space to fry.

Fried Plantains

3 Large ripe plantains peeled and cut into rounds.
2-3 Tablespoons Canola or vegatable oil, you will need to add oil after each batch to prevent sticking.

In a non-stick skillet heat oil to a med-high heat. Add plantains, cook on each side until brown, usually 3-4 min. Have a plate with paper towel in wait, so it can help soak up the grease.

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Betsy said...

Hi, Jenny! I am very excited to find you have a blog, especially this type of blog-as I've been doing a bit of cooking myself. I've actually made this recipie this past Halloween as well as fried bananas for an Indian Pot Luck dinner at an unusual resturant, Yen Yang Fandango and the Tango Tea Room, here in town. I got many compliments on both (surprisingly)...
I'll be RSSing your blog, to be sure.
Also, Hannah forwarded me your family christmas photos, which were great! I passed them on to my mother and aunt Debbie...did you realize that your son shares his birthday with my mother?

Love you.